The Fright Site on Unpleasant Tales

October 26, 2010

Adam Groves has a nice review of Unpleasant Tales at the Fright Site, which heads off with the following:

“The new collection from the erudite and unflinching Brendan Connell, who’s virtually unsurpassed in the field of lyrical grotesquerie.”

Metrophilias and Blind Swimmer reviews

October 25, 2010


The latest issue of Prism, the magazine of the British Fantasy Society, has a nice review of Metrophilias by Adam Shardlow. To Quote:

“Metrophilias is a book about love and the morphing of such an all encompassing emotion into strange twisted desires. Taking the city, the urban social attitude, and mixing it with Aristotle’s concept of philia, partnering or brotherly-love taken to extremes, sounds a potent mix for fantasy. This slim volume does not disappoint.”

In other news, the Finnish website has a review of Blind Swimmer (an anthology I am in). Quote:

“I have to confess that I read all the stories twice, because I loved the way they were written. After reading these stories twice I can say that Blind Swimmer is without a doubt one of the best anthologies of 2010.” 

This is the second time that I have heard it called one of the best anthologies of 2010.

A Manifesto

October 18, 2010

Everyone needs to play the Grand Cham at least once, write at least one Manifesto, so I wrote mine. Theme: Neo-Decadence. It is up at Gestalt Mash.

Outsider Writers Interview

October 14, 2010

Pat King interviewed me about Metrophilias at Outside Writers.

Solar Bridge / Unpleasant Tales

October 10, 2010

A nice review at Solar Bridge. Quote:

“Good, inventive and satisfying horror. Worth your time.”

Another batch of reviews

October 7, 2010

1) J.A. Tyler dives into Metrophilias at the Southeast Review.

2)Annie Clarkson talks about the same book at the Short Review.

They also have a little interview with me here.

3) Gordon Hauptfleisch goes deep into Unpleasant Tales at Blogcritics.

Some new reviews

October 5, 2010

Two reviews today:

1) Ian Pickens, at Mass Movement Magazine, talks about Metrophilias.

2) Ros Jackson, at Warpcore SF, tackles Unpleasant Tales.