long list, kid story, etc

March 31, 2010

1. A story of mine called The Chymical Wedding of Des Esseintes is on the British Fantasy Awards very long list

2. A children’s story I wrote about a Mexican mummy is up at BSC Kids

3. Unpleasant Tales seems about ready to go, as I have just about finished looking at the proofs

Dr. Black, Thoughts & Patents

March 18, 2010

PS Publishing picked this story up for Postscripts. I guess it is slated for Spring 2011. I think it is probably my personal favourite of the Dr. Black stories.

Newest news…

March 13, 2010

A poem my wife and I translated from Italian, by Swiss poet Alberto Nessi, was picked up by Words Without Borders.

My pirate story We Sleep On a Thousand Waves Beneath the Stars, will appear in Greek translation in the September issue of Universe Pathways.