Kodagain – Satin Doll

August 31, 2013

Kodagain – Bella Bimba

August 28, 2013

Kodagain – Magic is the moonlight

August 25, 2013

Kodagain Rambling Rose

August 19, 2013

Sorcery and Sanctity: A Homage to Arthur Machen

August 16, 2013

Two “tales” of mine are in the new Arthur Machen tribute volume from Hieroglyphic Press.

The book is beautiful and, with only 150 copies printed, should be ordered soon if you expect to get a copy. It is in print, but I believe copies might not ship until the official launch date. Not sure of this. But click all the above to go to the site.

Here is the info and lineup:

Sorcery and Sanctity: A Homage to Arthur Machen

After a year’s worth of preparation, Sorcery & Sanctity, our homage to Arthur Machen, has come forth into the world. We are pleased to present a mosaic of stories inspired by the varying periods of the Welsh author’s literary career. Colin Insole, DJ Tyrer and Thana Niveau present us with visions of occult and otherworldly allure in the spirit of the Ornaments; Jonathan Wood and Avalon Brantley provide secret histories and tear-washed cityscapes à la the autobiographies and The Hill of Dreams: finally, in the Last Stage of the Work, Ron Weighell and Mark Samuels lower the veils about the Sacred Mysteries as was once done in The Secret Glory.

Sorcery & Sanctity is strictly limited to one hundred and fifty copies, only a hundred of which will be offered for sale. The volume will be released as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations taking place at World Fantasy Con 2013 (31st October to 3rd November). Since we envisage demand being high we have made preorder facilities available. All profits from this publication will be donated to the Friends of Arthur Machen.



A Blue Dish of Figs by Colin Insole
The Desolation of Albion by Derek John
The Knife That Cuts by DJ Tyrer
No Coward Soul Is Mine by DJ Tyrer
A Kiss by Moonlight by DJ Tyrer
Mr Egare by D.P. Watt
Est Enim Magnum Chaos by Steve Rasnic Tem
Caerdroia by Thana Niveau


The Sins of Horton by John Gale
Transfigured Night by Godfrey Brangham
Queen of The Iceni by Brendan Connell
The Organist by Brendan Connell
The Bells of St Quentin by Iain Smith
The Vale of Gold by Jonathan Wood
Great Seizers’ Ghosts by Avalon Brantley


The Shape and Colour of The Moon by John Howard
An Image of Truth by Ron Weighell
Evensong by Thomas Strømsholt
The House of Flame by Mark Valentine
In Eternity – Two Lines Intersect by Mark Samuels

Kodagain – Send me the pillow

August 15, 2013

Sacrum Regnum II

August 13, 2013

The second issue of the Hieroglyphic Press Journal “Sacrum Regnum” is out. This one contains some poems by my sister, Loha Connell. (click on the link)

If you purchase this with Issue I, there is also a nice deal of only 20 pounds for the two.

Here is the info:

Edited by

Release Date: IN PRINT 

We begin as we did before with a range of short stories. In the first, John Howard’s Into an Empire, a stamp collector and amateur historian begins to detect the presence of a more allusive realm, whilst in Charles Wilkinson’s The Human Cosmos a retiring jeweller looks back over his life whilst trying to make sense of a series of seemingly minor events. A scent of autumn and melancholy pervades this piece as it does the next: Colin Insole’s Dreams from the Apple Orchards , a nightmarish reminiscence of a childhood touched by wartime tragedy and cultural guilt. Our fiction selection closes with a powerful story of lost love in Post-Soviet Hungary, courtesy of Thomas Strømsholt.

As for translations we are very happy to present a newly translated short story from the acclaimed Polish writer Stefan Grabinski, entitled Red Magda . Our thanks to Grabinski stalwart Miroslaw Lipinski for providing this piece. Additional material, in verse format at last, comes in the form of translations from Baudelaire and Fernando Pessoa and new poems from Loha Connell and Bethany van Rijswijk.

We finish with an array of reviews, articles and additional material. Mark Valentine explores the works of Claude Haughton, a neglected ‘thirties novelist whose stories of Archangelic powers abroad in London are only just being rediscovered; Martin Echter provides an appreciation of the anarchist and decadent adventurer Hanns Heinz Ewers, and Nigel Jackson examines Mary Butts’ From Altar to Chimney-Piece via the cosmic symbolism of René Guénon and the Traditionalist school.


Prolegomenon – Editorial

I. Into an Empire by John Howard
II. The Human Cosmos by Charles Wilkinson
III. Dreams from the Apple Orchards by Colin Insole
IV. Szépassony-völgy by Thomas Strømsholt

Special: An Interview with Quentin S. Crisp

Magical Daoism by Quentin S. Crisp

Poetry & Translations:
Poems, both original & translations, from John Cairns, Mark Valentine, Loha Connell & others

The Stranger Who Opens the Door – The Novels of Claude Houghton by Mark Valentine
Hanns Heinz Ewers and the Cult of the Master Artist by Martin Echter
Obscene Ikons: Desacralization & Counter-Tradition in the Work of Mary Butts by Nigel Jackson

Reviews – including but not limited to reviews of the following volumes:
The Last Gold of Expired Stars by Georg Trakl
The Ten Dictates of Alfred Tessler by D.P. Watt
The Glory and the Splendour by Alex Miles
All God’s Angels, Beware! by Quentin S Crisp

In the Days to Come – recently released & forthcoming titles column

Kodagain – Till Then

August 10, 2013

Kodagain – I am lost in the forest

August 9, 2013

Kodagain – Beast Patois

August 7, 2013